Madarao & Raicho Lodge FAQs

About Madarao

When is the best time to visit Madarao?

Raicho Lodge Madarao will open its hotel doors on 16 December for the 2018-2019 ski season. An average of 40 feet of snow falls at Madarao each season, and powder hounds should aim for late January or early February to hit the peak of the famous ‘madapow’. March offers sun and spring skiing for blue bird days on the snow!

When is Madarao Ski Resort open?

Snow usually starts falling in November, and Madarao Ski Resort (known as Madarao Kogen) opens in mid December and closes at the end of March. We offer discounted ski lift ticket for purchase at the lodge.

What date will Raicho Lodge Madarao open for the season?

We will open our doors on 16 December for the 2018-2019 ski season

How close is Raicho Lodge Madarao to the Madarao Kogen Ski Resort and other amenities?

Our lodge is a gentle 300 metres from the base of the ski resort, and can be ski in/ski out when the conditions are right. We have an in-house bar and restaurant on our premises, and it is just a short walk to a variety of nearby bars, restaurants and hot baths (known as Onsen).

Are there Shops & Supermarkets in Madarao?

Yes! There are basic convenience stores and vending machines in Madarao. You will find larger supermarkets in Iiyama, which is a 30 minute bus ride away.

Directly opposite IIyama Station is a carpark and there you will find the Tsuruya.

What are the Restaurants & Nightlife like In Madarao?

A list of bars and restaurants to visit in town can be found on our recommended eats and drinks list available in your room. If you are planning to stay with us for an extended period you may wish to try some of our tips in Iiyama and Nagano city.

There are a quite a few new bars and restaurants opening this year, with many more to be announced when the Madarao neighbourhood association announces the official list in November 2018. We’ll be sure to let you know which ones are the ones to try!

Is there an ATM or way to get money in Madarao?

There are no ATMs in Madarao, and many businesses will not accept credit cards or foreign debit cards. We recommend you bring enough local currency to Madarao to cover your stay. Each of our rooms is equipped with a safe in which you can store valuables.

In Iiyama, about a 30 minutes bus ride away, you can find ATMs that accept foreign cards at Japan Post, 7/11 and Mitsubishi UFJ in Iiyama at the train station and scattered around town.

How far away is Nagano from Iiyama and Madarao?

Iiyama is one train station stop from Nagano, or it is about a 50 minutes’ drive by car. Nagano is the largest city in the local area, in case there is something you need that you can’t find in Madarao or Iiyama

Getting to Raicho Lodge Madarao

How do I get to Raicho Lodge Madarao from the airport?

Coming from either Narita airport you will want to catch the train to Tokyo and then another train to Iiyama station. From Iiyama it is a short bus ride to Madarao Ski Resort and then it’s just a 300m walk to Raicho Lodge Madarao - your home in the snow!

It costs ¥700 to ride the bus from Iiyama station to the bus stop at Madarao Kogen Hotel. Buses depart Iiyama Station daily during winter season at the following times: 
8:50 - 8:55 - 10:00 - 10:50 - 11:20 - 12:35 - 12:40 - 13:30 - 15:15 - 16:20 - 16:40 - 17:45 - 19:10

Where is the closest train station to Raicho Lodge Madarao?

We are located 11.2km from the Iiyama Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line, and 14.1km from the Myoko Kogen Station on the Shinetsu Honsen Line.

How do I get to Iiyama from Narita Airport, or from Tokyo?

Starting from Narita Airport, make your way to Tokyo on the Narita Express. It will take you about 1hr 30m.

From Tokyo, the Bullet Train (also known as the ‘Shinkansen’) is the best way to get to Iiyama. You can catch the Bullet Train from Tokyo or Ueno Station to Iiyama Station, and it will take about in 1hr 40m. You see the Bullet Train timetables here:

How do I get to Raicho Lodge Madarao from Iiyama station?

There is a bus that will bring you direct from Iiyama station to the main Madaro Resort hotel that will take about 30 min. If you take a Taxi or private car it will take you about 20 min. Once you get to the Madarao Resort hotel it’s just a 300m walk to Raicho Lodge Madarao.

What is the best route to Madarao by car from Tokyo?

The best way to plan your route is to refer to the Raicho Lodge Madarao address on Google Maps

Note that the limit on alcohol while driving in Japan is 0.00 and this limit is taken very seriously. If you are driving it is against the law to drink and then get in your car in the carpark (the person serving you also becomes liable).

Will I be able to park at Raicho Lodge Madarao?

We do have onsite parking, but spaces are limited. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to use one of these spaces and we’ll ensure that you’re taken care of!

About Raicho Lodge Madarao

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check in starts at 3pm and Check out is at 10am each day. If you arrive prior to 3pm we can store your bags at the front desk until your room is ready.

How can I get Madarao ski tickets?

Madarao, Tangram and combined ski tickets are available for sale at our front desk, or from the ticket office at the Madarao ski resort. Prices will be published near season open, please enquire to for up to date information. We can also assist you with instructions on purchasing tickets for other nearby resorts.

Do I need to pay when I book? Are bookings refundable?

For flexible rate stays, 50% of the total stay rate will be charged to make and hold your room at the time of booking.  The remaining balance will be charged 30 days from check-in.

For Non-refundable rate bookings, we request 100% of the stay rate immediately.

My plans have changed and I need to cancel. What do I need to do now?

Cancellations must be delivered to us in writing. We recommend to all our guests to take out travel insurance that includes cancellation coverage. Please read the policy carefully to be sure its the right one for you.

  • Any flexible rate stay cancelled more than 60 days from check-in date will be fully refunded.

  • Any flexible rate stay cancelled on or within 31 to 60 days from check-in date will be charged 50% of the total stay rate.

  • Any flexible rate stay cancelled on or within 30 days of check-in will be charged the full 100% of the total stay rate.

  • Non-refundable rate stays will not be refunded.